AI Based platform 
for remote wellness businesses

Our Story

We are three serial entrepreneurs that share the same passion - sports & wellness. We founded Agado Live to reinvent remote wellness activities

Our Value Proposition

Using Agado Live, wellness professionals can conduct sessions with many participants as if it were a one on one private session


Our cutting edge technology includes analyzing human movements & non-verbal cues in real-time, during a remote group active session


The Solution

Private session for large groups

Using advanced computer vision technology, the platform  analyzes human movements and non-verbal cues, It provides personalized feedback to each participant in the session, and indicators to the instructor regarding the participants that need the human attention.

Unique session experience

Each remote session can be customized with its own look & feel, and features for gamification, social interaction 


Data Analytics

Full user analytics & business analytics to optimize businesses offering based on consumer behavior and performance

Why use Agado Live?

Benefits for proffesionals:

  • Increase your online buisness

  • Conduct live sessions at scale (more revenues)

  • High retention & customer loyalty

  • Expand online presence

  • Become a content creator 

  • Customizable remote experience - white label, option to select features to use.

  • Full data analytics

Benefits for participants:

  • Live sessions with real-time personal feedback to each participant
    along with a human instructor

  • Enagaging sense of community

  • Decrease of injuries

  • On-demand content along with real-time feedback

  • Private session as part of a group (cost of a group session with the treatment of a private one). 

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