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Why doesn't remote wellness work for me?

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Since the uproar of COVID-19, the wellness industry has not only forever changed but also found an everlasting place in the user’s home. Me, as well as many other users began to appreciate the benefits of holding classes, from working out to physical therapy sessions, in their own space. However, at first, I was hesitant because remote sessions lacked the personal attention, built-in community, in-person feedback, and the ability to socialize that is involved in an in person class. However, Agado Live is revolutionizing the remote-wellness industry and reminding people that they can have it all and more in the comfort of their own home.

During this new trial period of using many at-home wellness platforms, one of the main things that I missed most was obtaining real-time feedback and personal attention. The lack of personal correction even led me to pulling a muscle in my lower back- I essentially became a couch potato for a week. In a studio, participants would likely be receiving 1-to-1 attention from instructors such as providing a hands-on approach in which participants would be corrected and walk through movements together. Ultimately, the lack of personal attention and increased chance of injury can derail the pursuit of one's physical health goals, or, in my case, lead them to take on the mold of a comfy couch. Showing that to obtain some form of correction and guidance can increase a participant's performance, enjoyment, and capability levels for their wellness journey.

Additionally, remote wellness sessions provide many the time and place to form a community outside of their day-to-day workplace. Personally, I found that during these classes my interactions and movement with other classmates provided me motivation within a non-judgmental community. However, once COVID came around most studios moved to online video platforms, like Zoom, causing them to lack replicating the social environment for their users. Agado Live solves this problem by giving users the luxury of seeing other class members, while also interacting with them through in-class competitions, live chats, leaderboards, and form correction. Overall, this element helps to create the feeling of being in a physical location, such as a studio or physical therapy office, yet rooting from the convenience of one’s computer.

Ultimately, Agado Live is providing endless possibilities that one can incorporate to make the wellness experience at home as rewarding as possible. On top of demonstrating that participants will be guaranteed the ability to form an actual human connection, community, and have fun from their platform, they will also be saving a significant amount of time and money- by not having to pay for gas, schedule their day around a nonrefundable class, or have to worry about environmental factors like snow or heat getting in their way.

The basic necessities that users like me and you desire when bringing a remote wellness session into their home. For example, personalized feedback, a built-in community, 1-to-1 attention, and the ability to socialize can all be found in Agado Live.

Making it an easy to use fun wellness platform that ensures them to become the strong golden potato, keeping them from becoming a bruised couch potato.

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